Selling Your HDB Flat After Turning 55: A Financial Insight

Transitioning to selling your property after reaching the age of 55 can introduce complexities, particularly when your property was previously financed with CPF funds. To facilitate this process, you must fulfill certain CPF refund requirements, which include:

  1. Refunding the CPF principal amount you withdrew to finance the property.
  2. Settling the accrued interest.
  3. Addressing any pledged amounts, should you have pledged to refund a portion withdrawn from your Retirement Account (RA) savings in cash.

Once these obligations, along with any outstanding housing loans, have been addressed, a critical factor to consider is the minimum sum within your RA. Only half of your RA can be utilized in the subsequent property purchase. If you do not meet this minimum sum requirement, does it still permit you to proceed with the sale of your flat?

To gain deeper insights into the intricacies of the financial calculations involved, as well as understanding the proceeds from the sale and the CPF funds available for your next purchase, kindly provide your details below. I will personally reach out to you to guide you through the optimal strategies for structuring your sale.