Singapore District Map

Navigating Singapore District Map: A Simplified Guide 

Occasionally, you might find yourself grappling with the terms ‘OCR,’ ‘RCR,’ and ‘CCR,’ or perhaps pondering the significance of district numbers like District 9, 10, or 11 in the Singapore District Map. These real estate terms are ubiquitous, popping up in newspaper articles, property reports, websites, and everyday conversations. If you’ve ever felt perplexed by these terms, fear not, as we’re here to shed light on their meanings.

First and foremost, it’s essential to grasp that CCR, OCR, and RCR are labels that categorize the various regions within Singapore. They serve as descriptors for Singapore’s primary geographic divisions, each comprising multiple districts that, in turn, encompass the country’s planning areas or, in simpler terms, its towns and streets. In total, Singapore is divided into three main regions, each consisting of approximately 28 primary postal districts. These regions are defined as follows:

Singapore Districts Map
Singapore Districts Map

But what do these abbreviations signify? These 28 Singapore districts are categorized into three regions: the Core Central Region (CCR), the Rest of Central Region (RCR), and the Outside Central Region (OCR). For further details, simply follow the provided link.


In summary, we hope this explanation has brought clarity to your understanding of Singapore’s regions and districts. If you’re considering property investment in Singapore, it’s worth noting that the residential real estate market varies within the CCR, OCR, and RCR due to location-specific characteristics and differing levels of prestige. Consequently, a comprehensive analysis is necessary for each of these regions to make informed investment decisions.