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August 2023 – New Private Home Sales Report

Aug 2023 -New Private Home Sales-Report
Aug 2023 -New Private Home Sales Report


New Private Home Unit Sales for August 2023

A grand total of 852 units, which includes EC, were put on the market, with 649 units, also including EC, being successfully sold, leading to an impressive uptake rate of 76.2%. The bulk of these units, whether launched or sold, belonged to the OCR category.

It’s worth noting that despite a smaller number of units hitting the market, there remains a consistent demand from homebuyers, particularly for well-located projects. Buyers are actively seeking homes in such areas.

Bestselling Projects for August 2023

The top three bestselling projects in each market segment:

Orchard Sophia (24 units sold) in the CCR, Grand Dunman (26 units sold) in the RCR, and an EC, Altura (225 units sold) in the OCR. 

Orchard Sophia Facade
Orchard Sophia – The bestselling project for August 2023

Upcoming Projects

There are six upcoming projects slated for launch. They are Skywaters Residences, Watten House, The Shorefront, J’den, Hillock Green, and Lentoria.

Skywaters Residences Facade Night
Skywaters Residences (Former AXA Tower)